Fox KRD016 Jig Trek XT 6ft 4pc

The Fox KRD016 Jig Trek XT 6ft 4pc is the Big Brother of the Jig Trek. Ideally suited for those larger lures up to 700 grams in weight and fishing at extreme depths with braided line up to 80 lbs breaking strain. The action of this model, although similar to the lighter version, does have more backbone which is needed to subdue monsters of the deep! Rreels up to 20,000 in size are perfectly suited and will sit comfortably in the top quality Fuji reel seat. Fuji top quality guides have also been selected for this powerful model, together with the butt end Gimbal, this model is perfect for all stand up work with a butt pad. The foregrip, which has been extended above the reel for eight inches, has been sculptured with a finger grip recess to apply maximum pressure when pumping large fish up from the extreme depths. The Fox Jig Trek XT 6ft 4pc is constructed from four equal length sections with a transportation length of only 21.5 inches. The rod comes complete with a top quality very smart zipped hard case travel tube, this gives ultimate protection and ease of carriage. More Features and Specifications

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Fox KRD016 Jig Trek XT 6ft 4pc Review

This item is definitely worth your money,because it costs just 424.99.It is cheap and you get what you pay for.

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