Noritz CVK-SNRK Concentric Snorkel Kit for Basement Installations

Noritz, Cvk-Snrk, Al29-4C, Concentric Sus, Vent Pipe, Termination,Stainless Steel Concentric Sus Collection Concentric Snorkel Kit For Basement Installations The Csk-Snrk Snorkel Kit Comes With All The Necessities For A Basement Tankless Water Heater Venting System. With Pieces Ranging From The Screw Set And Support Strap, To The Elbow And Adjustable Straight Pipe Pieces, And Top And Bottom Cases, Noritz Has Compiled A Complete Kit To Expedite Your Basement Tankless Water Heater Venting System. As Part Of The N-Vent Series, This Product Is Ul Approved Category Iii Venting, And Is An Integral Part Of The Quick-Snap Connection System, Known For Easy Installation And Forming Tight Seals. Snorkel Kit: The Basement Kit Is Compiled To Span Wall Thicknesses Up To 19.26, And To Bring The Vent Pipe Up To 32 Above The Outside Ground Level. Additional Pieces Can Be Used To Increase These Lengths. Noritz Uses Superior Anti-Corrosion Material For The Kit's Outlet Port, As Well As Heat And Chemical Resistant Fluorine Rubber O-Ring For Secure Sealing. In Addition, The Kit Is Part Of The N-Vent Series So It's Approved For Tankless And Boiler Stainless Steel Exhaust Installations, Enabling You To Know You've Made The Right Choice In Both Form And Function. Features: For All Noritz Dvc Heater Series - For Basement Applications - Push-On Connection - Single-Wall Penetration - Heat And Chemical Resistant Rubber O-Ring For Secure Sealing - Includes: Snorkel Case Top And Bottom, 11 And 16 Concentric Adjustable Vent Pipe, Termination Elbow, 90? Elbow, 90? Adjustable Elbow, Support Strap And Screw Set. - Introducing The Latest Advancements In Tankless Water Heater Technology For Your Home, Noritz Tankless Hot Water Heaters Are Both Eco-Friendly And Energy Efficient, Providing Savings Up To 40% In Utility Costs. Their Gas Water Heaters Warm Water On Demand, Which Means You'll Always Have Hot Water And It Will Never Run Out.

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Noritz CVK-SNRK Concentric Snorkel Kit for Basement Installations Review

My mother bought this snorkels at Build.com, but your price is way better!

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