Proflo PF1704BBHE/PF1712BBRHE White Proflo PF1704BBHE/PF1712BBRHE

Toilet Kit Includes: Round-front toilet bowl with integrated sanitary bar Matching high-efficiency toilet tank with right-mounted trip lever Fitted molded wood toilet seat with lid Wax ring, supply lines, stop valve and flange/bolt kit Product Features: Toilet fixture is constructed of vitreous china - a durable porcelain material Fully covered under Proflo's fixture warranty for a year after installation Two-piece configuration flexibility in installation and access around the bowl Round bowl - classic look and feel Installs in a floor mounted configuration Siphon jet flushing water is forcibly siphoned from tank to bowl for a powerful rinse High-performance 3" flush valve Installation components (wax ring with horn and bolt kit, supply lines and stop valve) are included Color-matched molded wood toilet seat with lid included Benefits of Proflo Toilets: Out of the Box Installation: Going above and beyond with their toilets to ensure you have everything you need to install and begin enjoying your new fixture as soon as it arrives. With the custom fitted toilet seat, tank lever and even the wax ring included there will be no need to run to he hardware store and pick up these extras that most manufacturers do not include. High-Grade Porcelain: The porcelain compound used in the construction of Proflo toilets is a non-porous semi-flex material that is engineered not to crack or chip over time. The small amount of "give" allows the toilet to endure typical wear and tear without compromising the integrity of the fixture. Sanitation Bar: Proflo toilet bowls come with an integrated "Sanitation Bar." This raised portion on the back of the bowl prevents water or waste from seeping under the tank where it is difficult to clean. Product Specifications: Overall Height: 27-1/8" (measured from the bottom of the base to the highest point on the toilet) Overall Depth: 26-3/8" (measured from the back of the tank to the front of the rim) Overall Width: 15-3/4" (measured from the furthest points left to right on fixture) Bowl Height: 10-1/2" (measured from the base to the rim of the bowl) Flow Rate: 1.28 gallons-per-flush Water Area: 7-1/2" X 6" (inner bowl dimensions where water rests L x W) Trapway Size: 1-7/8" Flush Valve Size: 3" Seat Post Holes: 5-1/2" (distance between toilet seat install holes)

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Proflo PF1704BBHE/PF1712BBRHE White Proflo PF1704BBHE/PF1712BBRHE Review

I always wanted any product from Proflo, but now I see, that it's not what I was hoping!

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